Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid clean energy

What is an Off-Grid System?

Off-Grid systems are an intelligent network of solar panels, batteries, and sophisticated electrical equipment designed to store the power your system produces for you to use as you need it. An Off-Grid system is the highest level of energy independence, no hydro connection is needed, and your system will produce all the power you need to run every electrical device in your home.

Why Off-Grid?

There are several benefits to going off-grid, and becoming energy independent with Diamond Renewable Energy. Solar power off-grid systems are efficient, reliable, and require minimal maintenance to keep them operating for many years. All of your off-grid components carry excellent comprehensive warranties so you know your system will keep producing the power you need for your household. On top of this, off-grid systems free you from rising hydro costs and delivery fees charged by your local hydro company.

Diamond Renewable Energy will design your system to ensure that you will always have the power you need, when you need it.

Off-Grid systems are a great option for cottages, and RV’s as well, and we offer several off-grid packages that cater to your specific solar needs!

Become energy independent today, produce your own power with an Off-Grid System!