Emergency Power Systems

Ensure you are secure through any power outage with a Battery Back-Up Emergency Power system! Integrate it with a Net-Metering Solar system to charge your batteries with solar and extend your back up duration!

Diamond Renewable Energy Power Systems


Hybrid Solar Systems

A Hybrid solar system is a net-metering solar system with an integrated battery back-up. During the 95% of the time where the hydro grid is functioning the energy from the solar will feed the electrical loads within the house. Any excess energy produced will feed back into the grid and you will be given a credit that carries forward for up to one year.

What you end up doing is producing all the energy for your home during the summer months when we have long beautiful sunny days, while also producing an excess of credits that are then applied throughout the winter when the solar production is lighter to continue to offset your hydro bills.


Now, In the event of a power outage the system will automatically transfer to supply power from the batteries to selected loads in the home. All the while the solar will continue to produce power, feeding directly into your hydro panel to reduce the drain on the batteries and extend the duration that you can sustain your home during an outage.

Often in this back-up state your solar will be producing more energy than you need in the home. In the scenario the solar would not only feed all your electrical needs, but it would also use the excess energy to charge your batteries.

Further extending the duration that the system will sustain an outage. With the right back-up design in what you choose to have backed up –this system could theoretically sustain the chosen loads for weeks to months of sustained outage!

The benefit over a standard generator back-up

Now when you are looking at a generator back-up system you never consider payback, the generator is not something that will ever save you money in fact it costs you money in fuel and maintenance over the years, you invest in this for peace of mind.

However the beauty of the battery back-up system integrated with solar is that you can have that piece of mind and have a back-up system that will eventually pay itself off.