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For your home or business, Diamond Renewable Energy is dedicated to making solar installation affordable for every Canadian. Now is your time to discover the financial benefits of investing in clean, efficient, reliable solar power. 

Consumers Choice Award Barrie 2020

2020 Readers Choice Award

Winner of the 2020 Consumer Choice award & the 2020 Simcoe Readers’ Choice award for Best Solar Installer

Diamond Renewable Solar Power Solutions


Residential Solar Installation

Discover the many benefits of installing solar panels at home.

Boost the value of your home

Instantly boost the value of your home 

Be free of rising hydro rates

Become environmentally friendly

Protect Your Investment

Be free of rising hydro rates & delivery fees

Commercial Solar Installation

Save even more by installing solar panels at work.

Take advantage of tax benefits

Save with tax benefits & incentives

Protect Your Bottom Line

Protect your bottom line from rising hydro fees

Calculate the lifetime value

Achieve long-term sustainability goals

Need Something Else?

Diamond Renewable Energy is standing by to help with all your solar system needs.

Hydro Rates Continue to Rise

According to Ontario Energy Board statistics, hydro rates have increased 14% annually over the past decade. With rates forecast to continue to rise, now is the perfect time to invest in solar technology. 

Find out if solar is right for you

Start Saving Now

Diamond Renewable is your leading 5-star solar installation solution, proudly serving Barrie and surrounding areas since 2017.  

With our turn-key solution we take care of everything from the first phone call to the system up and producing power!

Efficiency, stability, reliability.